Swami’s Surf Company


Swami’s is named after the infamous point break in Southern California where the founding members used to surf.  Established in NYC in 2004, the label is now based in the surf friendly town of London (we know it's weird!). Continuing their reputed surfboard production as well as creating an ever growing collection of surf essentials and accessories. Swami’s is the Hindi name for Master, combined with a love of surfing the brand is set on a quest to ensure that their products won’t harm waterways and the ocean. Products are made with an emphasis on art, design and craft and produced in an environmentally sound way working with European craftsmen and supporting small initiatives in developing countries.
Swamis — Made on high

Swami’s Green Room Concept

Swami’s celebrates a lifestyle lived in nature, therefore a respect for the environment is central to who we are. To demonstrate our determination we have developed a symbolic language to pinpoint how our products pay service to these principles - they form Swami’s Green Room Concept.

Promotion of artisans and crafts

Products that have been hand made using artisan skills such as embroidery and weaving techniques, which preserve ancestral traditions. This is a way of encouraging quality and “slow fashion” over mass-production.

Made in the UK

We make a conscious choice to support garment manufacture within the United Kingdom helping to preserving a way of life of small independent traders and manufacturers. Keeping transport miles down, we try and source as many services and products as possible within the UK, or as close to home as is practical and possible.

Water based Inks

The inks we use to screen print with do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFC's and HCFC's, lead or any volatile solvents, in fact they don't contain any toxic chemicals at all. They are the most environmentally friendly inks available today, Oeko-Tex Class 100 certified 100% solvent free. Made using the purest pigments they print with unsurpassed color opacity with an incredibly soft handle.