Swami's Blanket Weaving

Here are some production stills from the traditional weavers that we work with to create our very own Swami's travel blankets.
The mill has been associated with British weaving since 1570, so it was quite an experience and honor to work with them. The blankets are woven from 100% pure (Jacob sheep) wool, Jacob's are a very ancient breed that probably originated in Syria 3000 years ago, unique for their piebald (two colour) fleece. So what you have here is a yarn that's completely natural - no dyes or chemical treatments are used so the colors you see are those that grow on every Jacob fleece, it's about as natural as you can get.
Apart from of course the orange and blue "stringer" threads that are Merino wool. We love them, hope you do too.

Thanks David - Master Weaver (occasional photographer)