Swami's x S.A.S.


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All money raised will go towards protecting the UK's oceans, waves & beaches.

The raffle draw is on 18 December 2013


Swami's X SAS - work in progress!

A Swami's collaboration with X-ray photographer Hugh Turvey (artist in residence at the British Institute of Radiology)

"I've collected shells from all the beaches I've sat and surfed on over the years, to me they represent the fragility of the ocean and a celebration of the good times too.
For me boards are always a combination of art, skill, shaping and finish. Surfing's unique, an art form in it's own right and that's always inspiring.
Having worked with Bro and Paul (Pheonix Glassing) for 5 years we've made some fairly unique boards, you're in the hands of masters when you're with them"
Swami's founder, Giles Dunn.

Outputting the prints, which are dye-sublimated onto rice paper, photos: Stephen Kemp (The Print Environment)


These are some shots of the board, shaped and glassing up, pre-sanding and finishing.  Images: Paul Fluin, Master Finisher (Phoenix)