September 2012

This is a special commission done as a one-off for a client but I'm so into the heritage of this board that we might bring it into the Swami's line.

It's based on quite a rare 70s template that our shaper dusted off. Single fin only keeping it pure to the era, rich resin tint finished in our usual double glass layered wraps and what we call a Swami's dipped nose (top 1/3rd gloss polish, bottom 2/3rd wet n' dry)
Clotted cream with chocolate decal - Yum! even tastier in a shoulder high swell.

The shortest but sparkiest in the rack this little 6.0" Fish with quad setup gives exceptional drive and maneuverability proving that it's possible to have one foot in the past but still surf progressively.

Shape + finish supreme in tobacco soaked double wrap with dipped gloss / wet n' dry split.

This has to be my favorite colour - built to caliper perfection for gliding Autumn swells.