Working with master craftsman Leo on the new bag range, not wishing to give too much away at this early stage but they're shaping up well.. The right stuff: brass zips and pullers, cast brass hardware, tight weaves on the British canvas, French taping... heavy oiled leather. Taking extra care to get the components right and the designs will look the business (will keep you posted)


Working on colour ranges and some beautiful wrap work, for a new series of custom built, minimal boards. In coming, stay tuned..

Just in: 9.6 log + 8.0 fun shape. Lush rides - (A.M. T.B) enjoy the glide!

Freddie Meadows riding a Swami's 6.3, in the fold and this month's Surfer's Path. Photography: Al Mackinnon

Filmed on location in West Cornwall, Swami's short film profiles multiple British and European longboard champion Sam Bleakley: surfer, explorer and writer.
An insightful glimpse into a surfer's state of mind, travel wonder lust and the ultimate draw back home. Directed by Stephen Langmanis and Alan Aboud.

Take a bunch of Swami's scarves and sarongs high up in the dunes over a peeling right on a crystal clear day.
Strange, unexplained things start to happen!

Summer begins to unfurl - let's get wrapped..

(Disclaimer: No trick photography was used, our styles and colours are genuinely this real!)



Freddie Meadows is an old friend of ours who's been with us from the early days. As joint adventurers on surfable shores, notably Portugal and Costa Rica, we've made his competition boards for several seasons which he's surfed with the trade marked Freddie "grace under pressure" swagger. Half Swedish half English, he's part of the Swedish national team and an ASP competition regular. Freddie is a continuing inspiration and we're proud to have him be a part of the ongoing Swami's adventure.

These are a some of the many performance boards that we've made for Freddie's quiver, we inlay the designs into the decks and hulls before they are wrapped, glassed, polished and ultimately get slotted into hollow barrels.


Mr. Meadows' musing...

Surfing's been an amazing, humbling, eye opening, hair raising and beautiful experience and adventure that has brought me to where I am today. Happy------"

When did you start surfing and why?

I was 13 or so, I had surfed once or twice before so I knew roughly what a ridable wave looked like. I was at home and strolled down to the beach on a summers day and it was glassy with maybe waist high peelers coming in. The sight of waves gave me so much joy that I hopped over the fence into the neighbours yard, borrowed their windsurf board without permission and gave it a go. I think that whole experience got me going properly.

What has been the biggest highlight of the past 12 months for you?

Scoring the "once in a decade" swell at home in Sweden last July. The winds switched offshore from gale force onshore and left us with groomed barreling rights for a few hours after... that never happens.

Photos: portraits - Chistopher Wilson, shaping - Swami's, surfing - Andreas Pastor

Check out Dispatches from Freddie





ウェアのコレクションにはTシャツやパーカーが含まれ、50本限定生産のサーフボードにはポールのサインが入るほか、デッキにイニシャルを入れられるサービスも。世界最高水準の技術を誇る職人によりオールハンドメイドされたボードはサイズ9’より展開。(ボードに関するお問い合わせは代官山のPaul Smith BOX まで。)

Paul Smith BOXでは2月24日 (金) から3月24日 (土)までPOP UP SHOPを開催中。

東京都渋谷区猿楽町19-4 CUBE代官山C棟

Just back from the shapers to pick up this beauty, of all the boards it's still my favorite, especially as a classic single fin nose rider. (J.H. enjoy the summer)

Zero: make-up, model fees or good lighting, 100% genuine surfer (with unhinged attitude) the in-takes aren't much better

Super stoked about the pop-up shack above the Paul Smith store in Tokyo previewing our collaboration collection and the new film that's about to launch at the end of March.
Here are some snaps from Tokyo, more news to follow...

Behind the scenes shots of some of our new product, thanks so much to Billie for your brilliance. As I left I snapped the "stay hungry, stay foolish" post it note, courtesy of The Whole Earth Catalog, made me watch Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford address again.

The Fathoms Surfboard is the centre piece of our collaboration with Paul Smith. We are really excited about this collection and supremely stoked to be working with whom we consider to be this country's greatest fashion designer ( 

This particular board was custom made in Cornwall for Sam Bleakley, it's more of a high performance shape with foiled out rails which suits the way he likes to ride.

Fathoms (the board name) is available as a Swami's Monk or Emperor shape, as all our boards are custom made any a personal tweaks to these shapes can be requested.
Here are a collection of stills that detail the board as well as out takes from the forth coming film that will launch in March.

So much great footage of Sam (Bleakley) riding the latest board we decided to add an additional cut. Due out for Spring.

Released from winter's cold snap, skies clearing. Heading West through Cornwall, Land's End way.


20 ton presses, 0.9 mm splitters - a day at the leathersmiths getting our dope bags underway.

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