Dazed Digital
March 2012

Check out Swami's x Paul Smith SS12 collaboration, a collection of surf-inspired clothing and 50 custom-made,
limited edition surfboards crafted with the British surf company's renowned ergonomics, signed by Paul Smith and personalised with the owner's initials.

March 2012

British surf company Swami's have got together wth the ever versatile Paul Smith to create a range of surf goods...

Urban Daddy
March 2012

Bust out the wax for Swami's Surf Company, a UK outfit that's somehow nailed the righteous art of surf gear, online now well in time for beach season.

What you've got here is the same culture that produced Savile Row putting its minds towards more... Kelly Slater like pursuits. This means a lot of handsomeness, and a jolly good amount of bespoke options...

Spring/Summer 2012

Named after a legendary Californian surf spot, Swami's are to British surfing what Patrick Swayze is to Point Break - like, the guru dude.

Telegraph Magazine
January 2012

Hoddie - Paul Smith x Swami's

The Resident
February 2012

Surf brand Swami's joined forces with Poolside habitué Orlebar Brown to craft these limited edition shorts. Pass the pina colada please!

February 2012

Label Watch - Swami's

...the celebrated surfboard company teamed up with Paul Smith for a collection of T-shirts, each piece inspired by California's surf scene (there's even 50 custom-made surfboards, signed by Paul Smith).

Telegraph Magazine
January 2012

The collaboration "Swami's for Paul Smith"
Paul Smith has collaborated with the British surf company Swami's to produce 50 handmade surfboards (each is numbered and signed by Sir Paul) and a range of clothing, which includes four t-shirts (starting at £50) each featuring a unique design. Surfboards from £1,200. 

The National
Autumn 2011

"...I love these limited edition Swami's for Orlebar Brown trunks. Great quality and style, very quick to dry..."

Toby Meadows, brand consultant

Summer 2011

"... we want to champion the art of shaping, it's an art that's threatened and we want these artisans to be acknowledged"