Swami's Custom Resin Tints.

Focussing on the iconic board shapes that defined the modern era of surfing through 50s - 70s. Hand made in England with a back-to-basics celebration of classic board building technics; double wrapped patched decks, tail blocks, split gloss/wet n' dry finishes
all in deep resin colored tints shaped with premium modern materials and processes.
Harking back to surfing's Golden Ages.


Common name: Moon

Scientific name: Fish
Synonyms: Reinvention of Soul
Size: 5.2” - 6.8”
Compatibility: Eccentric trickster, life of the party
Habitation: Of no fix abode
Water chemistry: knee to double over head, handles dynamically in the hook
Feeding: Glutton
Breeding: Seasonal habits

Price: £745.00

Moon is our version of the modern fish - short, wide, loose, and lightning fast. Flatter rocker and ample volume throughout providing all the float and speed you'll need It can be surfed in any given condition with a twin keel setup for exceptional drive and maneuverability this board is ideal for longboarders looking to ride a smaller mid-length boards with plenty of glide. Proving that it's possible to have one foot in the past but still surf progressively.

Boards are glassed using 4oz cloth and doubled on the deck patches and fin box for extra wear and durability.

Finishing in what we call the Swami's "nose dip" a combination of 2/3rds wet n' dry with gloss polish on the nose.

Spec 8 & 10oz Volan as extra

Ask about our deep resin tints and finishes, available in these colours below.

Colour choices: