Swami's Custom Resin Tints.

Focussing on the iconic board shapes that defined the modern era of surfing through 50s - 70s. Hand made in England with a back-to-basics celebration of classic board building technics; double wrapped patched decks, tail blocks, split gloss/wet n' dry finishes
all in deep resin colored tints shaped with premium modern materials and processes.
Harking back to surfing's Golden Ages.

Price: £790.00

Boards are glassed using 4oz cloth and doubled on the deck patches and fin box for extra wear and durability.

Finishing in what we call the Swami's "nose dip" a combination of 2/3rds wet n' dry with gloss polish on the nose.

Spec 8 & 10oz Volan as extra

Ask about our deep resin tints and finishes, available in these colours below.

Colour choices: