Shaping Network

Global but local
Swami's universe comprises a trusted network of shapers that span the coasts of California, Europe and Australia. This gives us a global reach but enables us to create hand crafted boards locally with our unique signature style. By working with craftsmen who have an inherent understanding of the local wave and condition types we can guarantee customers a board that performs perfectly in the surf you like to ride.

Our shapers are some of the greatest craftsmen in the industry today who bespoke make to our customers individual requirements. Working with people who are passionate and the best in their field goes to the heart of what we believe in as a company - the shapers are the true exponents of this. We are proud to be working with such outstanding board builders as Bro Diplock, Paul Fluin, Ian Zamora, Nick Uricchio and Feral Dave.

Art & craft
Creating surfboards with a strong visual aesthetic glassed into beautiful wave sliding forms gives you a board that performs as good as it looks. The artwork is set within the decks and captured under layers of polished resin - to create a moment where art and craft come together. It's a costly and time consuming process not just for us as artists but it makes the production process tricky too. Finding shapers with these skills has been a dedicated mission.

Working with local shapers champions the rarified craft of board building and helps supports a traditional industry, so depending on which coast you surf we can link you up with the right shaper. We use the best materials, bio foam is an option that we offer too and having boards made closer to you keeps shipping costs and Co2 emissions down to a minimum.

Makers marks
Each custom board has the owner's initials set into the deck, is dated and includes the makers mark.