Board Species + Specs


Common name: Hoki
Scientific name: Big wave gun
Synonyms: Bomb catching
Size: 7.0” - 8.10”
Compatibility: Maverick loaner
Habitation: open water, outer reefs and occasional continental shelves
Water chemistry: double overhead plus
Feeding: never stops
Breeding:Thrives in extreme conditions

When your favorite spot is going off The Hoki is your weapon of choice. Dart like template for the speed, draw and momentum needed in extreme conditions with extra length and volume. Smooth and gradual rocker profile combined with a blend of vee results in a board that generates incredible speed and control. A flat mid rocker offers paddling power allowing you to get into the wave and down the face quicker. Performance-wise, solid feel allows for bigger harder turns and gets you in and more importantly out of deeper barrels.

Availabe as single stringer unless on special orders with increased lead times


Common name: Monk
Scientific name: Retro Longboard
Synonyms: Logging flo-master
Size: 9’ - 10’
Compatibility: Passionate soul searcher
Habitation: Doesn't do well in crowds preferring territory beyond the lineup
Water chemistry: ankle snappers to pealing points
Feeding: Always quality over quantity  
Breeding: Incurable romantic

The Monk is our quintessential single fin logging board - built for effortless glide. With plenty of volume and weight, flattened nose and tail widths are the key aspects together with round rails and rolled bottom to complimented the deep teardrop concave in the nose.

The perfect solid platform for timeless nose riding, makes for catching the smallest waves early, with plenty of room to take a stroll.

These boards are traditionally glassed heavy for glide and durability using 6oz glass on hulls and doubled on the deck.

Spec 8 & 10oz Volan as extra

Ask about our deep resin tints and finishes 


Common name: Emperor
Scientific name: Performance Longboard
Synonyms: Progressive longboard wave riding
Size: 8.6” - 9.6”’
Compatibility: Unjust reputation for aloofness due to radically stylized form, in fact the consummate all-rounder.
Habitation: Point master and outside line ups   
Water chemistry: Excels in a surprising variety of conditions, particularly fast plus size waves
Feeding: five star diet
Breeding: blue blooded  

Swami's contemporary longboard.
A radical combination of finely tuned contemporary design concepts with the best characteristics from the old school. The wide nose utilizing a flat planing surface with a smooth and continuous rocker line, provides for the longest, tightest nose rides possible. Coupled with a modern kicked tail and foiled thin in the nose keeping it extra light for a dynamic ride.

Set up as 2 +1
Can be ridden as a single


Common name: Moon
Scientific name: Fish
Synonyms: Reinvention of Soul
Size: 5.2” - 6.8”
Compatibility: Exccentric trickster, life of the party 
Habitation: Of no fix abode
Water chemistry: knee to double over head, handles dynamically in the hook
Feeding: Glutton 
Breeding: Seasonal habits

Moon is our version of the modern fish - short, wide, loose, and lightning fast. Flatter rocker and ample volume throughout providing all the float and speed you'll need It can be surfed in any given condition with a twin keel setup for exceptional drive and maneuverability this board is ideal for longboarders looking to ride a smaller mid-length boards with plenty of glide. Proving that it's possible to have one foot in the past but still surf progressively.


Common name: Oyster
Scientific name: Fun shape
Synonyms: Avid wave catcher
Size: 6.2” - 7.4”
Compatibility: Round in stature with jovial personality
Habitation: Shore line to deep water peaks
Water chemistry: equally adept in mush burgers and juiced curl
Feeding: celebrated for its acquired taste
Breeding: Popular seasonal player

The Swami's Oyster is a great all around egg shape for small to medium size surf. It's our mid range alternative for a long or short boarder's quiver with a full and generous outline that works as a total wave magnet. It truly lives up to its names sake, a really fun mid-sized board that will help you catch waves all day long.

Available in 3 styles:

Single Fin: Giving you a more traditional and soul attitude to your surfing. A thrown forward centre point for paddling ease and maximized wave catching equilibrium.

2 + 1 : User friendly, dependent on personal choice can be ridden single or with side bites giving you better hold on more critical waves. Nose and tail measurements slightly pulled.

Quad: With a more pinched rail profile (similar to our short board) to give more sensitivity and maneuverability in weaker surf.


Common name: Wahoo
Scientific name: Performance short board
Synonyms: shredder behavior
Size: 5.8” to 6.6”
Compatibility: gregarious pack member
Habitation: Discerning line ups
Water chemistry: waist to overhead surf
Feeding: ravenous
Breeding: multiple (like minded) partners

The Wahoo is our high performance short board that likes to be surfed off the tail. Featuring a medium rocker, low rail,  and single to double inset concave that combine to make an extremely responsive board built for maximum down the line speed and maneuverability in the hook. A multiple fcs set up allows for thruster or a quad fin configurations, loves to go vertical and wherever else your imagination dictates.